What Does Entrepreneurship Have to do with Juneteenth?

entrepreneurship juneteenth justin minott Jun 24, 2022
As I write this on the heels of Juneteenth, a holiday dedicated to commemorating emancipation for Black people, I'm grateful for the strides we have made and reminded about how far we have left to go in this ongoing quest for true liberation. A signed piece of paper marked a new beginning, not the end to this journey.
Life gets much more beautiful when we remember that our mutual liberation is inextricably intertwined with one another. I believe that economic and social freedom for Black people comes with a bonus feature: soul liberation for white people. We're in this together. 
I'm more passionate than ever about entrepreneurship as a vehicle of liberation. I acknowledge my bias on this, but business is still my weapon of choice in the fight for equity. 
Even more deeply, I'm convinced that true liberation begins from within. There is no true freedom until we do the inner work of decolonizing our minds and our souls from harmful (for everyone) colonial beliefs that place whiteness above all. 
P.S. Our team is serving coffee at the Mutual Tower (411 W Chapel Hill St.) on Mon-Fri from 9 AM-1:30 PM. More exciting news to come soon, but I'm excited to connect with y'all over coffee again :)

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