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How to Become a Great Quitter

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with the amazing humans on the Guys Who Do Stuff podcast. The episode will air in a few weeks, but one question that they asked really stuck out to me: How do you know when to quit something that isn't working?  According to Seth Godin in his helpful little book called "The Dip", you need to ask yourself whether or not you're in what he calls a "Cul-de-sac". Are you going around in circles with no progress? Or is this the kind of desirable difficulty that you need to push through in order to get where you're going?Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results... that's what you call insanity. There's...

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Happy birthday to me = a gift for you

I've been thinking long and hard about what I could give the world for my birthday. After much deliberation, I finally decided that I want to give away the best of what I have: my vulnerable life lessons and experience... so I'm giving you (and anyone you love) a free signed copy of Unleashed. All you have to do is cover the shipping and the book is all yours!Use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at checkout! And be sure to share this information with anyone you know who wants to live more fully and do more of what matters :)  

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Monday Unleashed: March 18, 2019

Hey Friend! Here's your weekly dose of "Monday Unleashed", a list of what's on my mind from the last week. Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter so that you get this sent to you ahead of everyone else! What I'm pondering: I'm reflecting on the idea that life happens for you, not to you. This small shift in perspective seems to make a huge difference for me. In stressful times (of which there are a few at the moment), it moves me from feeling like a victim to feeling as if life is, like Paulo Coelho says, "conspiring to help" me, even and especially through what I might perceive as challenges.Who inspires me: I'm deeply moved by the people risking their lives and reputations to...

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Monday Unleashed: March 11, 2019

I publish my Monday Unleashed email to my blog every Wednesday. Sign up for my email newsletter to get your inspiration on time instead of a few days late.  Hey Friend! Here's your weekly dose of "Monday Unleashed", which you'll probably read on Tuesday because I'm up sending this in the middle of the night (a little too much other excitement today). This is a list of what's on my mind from the last week.What I'm pondering: I still have a hard time letting people know when I really need help. How does one walk the line of inter-dependence without falling into harmful forms of independence (my most comfortable rut) or co-dependence? What are your thoughts?Who inspires me: Women. International Women's Day last Friday was a...

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Monday Unleashed: March 4, 2019

I repost my Monday Unleashed emails here on the blog every Wednesday. Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter so that you get this on time from now on and don't miss out on any of the fun. Here it is: Hey Friend! Here's your weekly dose of "Monday Unleashed", a list of what moves me.What I'm pondering: What if we used the word "DIFabilities" instead of "disabilities"? We all have limitations of some kind, but our limitations make way for us to have superpowers in other areas. So how could someone be "dis" abled? ... maybe they're just differently abled? That leads me to my next piece...Who inspires me: My world got rocked while attending the Social Care Farming Summit...

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