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Who is "UNLEASHED" really for?

The most common question I get these days is: "Why did you decide to write the UNLEASHED book?" This answer is more about who the book is for than why I wrote it. I wrote this book for the vaguely dissatisfied. For people who know that there has to be more to life than what they’re currently experiencing. For those who still wake up every day with a subtle yet lingering sadness in their hearts. For people who are existing but not quite living. For people who are trying, who are fumbling forward in the dark. I wrote this book for other imperfect people, like me, who want to make a difference. For those who want to leave a lasting legacy. I write this...

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Confessions of a Financial Advisor

Confession: A few years ago, the idea of jumping into the wealth management industry made me extremely nervous. And for a few good reasons. 1) I don’t look anything like most Financial Advisors I’ve seen. 2) I’m motivated by making a difference in people’s lives, not by dollars. 3) I couldn’t imagine how I could still be my authentic self in what seemed like a clean-cut, stuffy industry. Working with money isn’t new to me. But having the official title of Financial Advisor made me question what it would look like to stay true to who I am. So this is me. A barefooted man in a suit, with a big beard, who loves people and wants to make the world a...

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Life at Cocoa Cinnamon

While enjoying a pourover at the Geer St. location, I get to meet people of all different walks of life from all over the world... and I love it! It seems to be the place where people talk about meaningful ideas. I overhear a lot of ‘how are we gonna make a difference?’ conversations; and for a socially conscious entrepreneur like me, that's the equivalent of candy for my ears. Co-owner Areli Barrera de Grodski has a passion for community that really shines through whenever we speak. Their community coffee program offers coffee to anyone who may not be able to afford it on a sliding pay scale, which I believe strongly reaffirms that love for building community. And they...

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Go to Joe Van Gogh

With several convenient locations in Durham (and Chapel Hill), Joe Van Gogh has been a perfect spot for me to get work done with nice coffee. Starting with a single coffee shop in 1991, owner Robbie Roberts has helped develop a community of coffee roasting professionals and coffee drinkers who enjoy a fine quality coffee. And while I enjoy knowing that Joe Van Gogh provides some of the most cleanly-roasted coffee from its fuel-efficient Loring roasters, it’s not just the coffee that brings me back here. As an entrepreneur, there are moments when I have to focus in order to crush a deadline. For me, when I feel the need to get my work done at a proper pace in a...

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Monuts: With Lindsay Moriarty

Honestly, who has lived in Durham for any length of time and hasn’t heard of Monuts? It’s a mainstay in this city and an instant favorite among many of its citizens. Serving up some very unique flavors and styles of donuts and some of the best sandwiches that the city has to offer, it’s easy to see why this hotspot in the 9th street area has a line out the door almost every single day. What makes this spot so special to me is how I already see people I know here, the staff is always friendly, and it almost always comes up as a top suggestion whenever I ask people where I should go to eat in Durham. Monuts’...

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