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"Unleashed" is available for less than $1

Good morning! As promised, here's your chance to get a digital copy of "Unleashed" for less than $1.Here's the link:   It's live from now until Noon EST so feel free to share it and grab extra copies for the people you love. I'm so curious to hear your feedback on the book!Love y'all!

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If you're not changing it, you're choosing it.

If you're not setting a clear intention, backed with actions that move you in a different direction (even small ones), then you're effectively choosing for your situation to remain as it is. I see two empowering steps on that path forward:1) Acceptance of what is. 2) Action towards what could be.What are your thoughts? Share this image on Instagram and tag @justinminott

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Why do we apologize so much?

I was going to make an apologetic post saying something like, "sorry I haven't been on socials for a while, I've been in the lab cooking up some powerful projects... etc."  Then I thought, "but why?" Why would I need to justify being off of social media? Maybe I have been working on really "important" things. Or maybe I needed to spend more time living life instead of posting about living life. Or maybe it wasn't energy-giving for me at the moment. Or maybe I was listening to some inner wisdom. Or maybe I just felt like it.Anyway, I'm back... for as long as it serves me and makes a difference in other peoples' lives.Lesson: You don't owe anyone a...

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