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"Unleashed" is available for less than $1

Good morning! As promised, here's your chance to get a digital copy of "Unleashed" for less than $1.Here's the link:   It's live from now until Noon EST so feel free to share it and grab extra copies for the people you love. I'm so curious to hear your feedback on the book!Love y'all!

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Monday Unleashed: March 4, 2019

I repost my Monday Unleashed emails here on the blog every Wednesday. Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter so that you get this on time from now on and don't miss out on any of the fun. Here it is: Hey Friend! Here's your weekly dose of "Monday Unleashed", a list of what moves me.What I'm pondering: What if we used the word "DIFabilities" instead of "disabilities"? We all have limitations of some kind, but our limitations make way for us to have superpowers in other areas. So how could someone be "dis" abled? ... maybe they're just differently abled? That leads me to my next piece...Who inspires me: My world got rocked while attending the Social Care Farming Summit...

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How to Uncover Your True Purpose

Imagine that you’re climbing a very tall ladder. In the beginning, the climb is fairly easy, but about a quarter of the way up you start to feel your muscles burning a bit. You find the strength to press on when your arms get heavy and weak. You are exerting all of your energy. You ignore the pain and even learn to cherish the sweat and scars brought on by the intense process. You’re making progress, rung by rung. Your foot may slip a little from time to time, but you never stop moving upward. The people on the ground are cheering for you and telling you not to give up. And finally, when you feel like you have nothing...

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