Monday Unleashed: Feb. 25, 2019

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1) What I'm learning: I'm not sure I'm interested in finding work-life balance. Instead, I'm exploring the idea of work-life alignment... that way I'm always working and always playing. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

2) Who inspires me: Craig Robertson, a dear friend of mine, has been on a beautiful and vulnerable journey reinventing himself. Definitely someone to follow.

3) What I'm reading: "Banker to the Poor" by Muhammad Yunus. It's a delicious read for anyone who wants to make a difference. He's basically the father of micro-lending. 

4) What I'm working on: After hearing from a bunch of people about the positive impact it's having, my passion is ignited to get my book into as many hands as possible. Right now I could really use your help via Amazon reviews. Check my latest blog post for details.

5) The place to be: I've been super impressed with the free co-working space in RTP called The Frontier. It's awesome... and FREE which is crazy to me because it's so awesome. 

See you next Monday!

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