Monday Unleashed: March 11, 2019

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Hey Friend! Here's your weekly dose of "Monday Unleashed", which you'll probably read on Tuesday because I'm up sending this in the middle of the night (a little too much other excitement today). This is a list of what's on my mind from the last week.

What I'm pondering: 
I still have a hard time letting people know when I really need help. How does one walk the line of inter-dependence without falling into harmful forms of independence (my most comfortable rut) or co-dependence? What are your thoughts?

Who inspires me: 
Women. International Women's Day last Friday was a great reminder of just how amazing and powerful women are. Check out my Instagram post from last Friday for a great quote that states some truth much more eloquently than I could in this email.

What I'm reading:
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of literature that I've ever read. This one is an absolute MUST read. 

What I'm working on: 
On March 30th I'll be leading a coffee cupping for Chikondi Coffee and I can't wait! 

The place to be:
Yesterday I was introduced to a delicious Mexican restaurant in Durham called Cosmic Cantina. It's the type of hard-to-find "hole in the wall" spot that someone kind of has to bring you to in order for you to understand. All that said, the burritos from there might just change your life.

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That's all for now! Talk soon :)


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