Monday Unleashed: March 4, 2019

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Hey Friend! Here's your weekly dose of "Monday Unleashed", a list of what moves me.

What I'm pondering: 
What if we used the word "DIFabilities" instead of "disabilities"? We all have limitations of some kind, but our limitations make way for us to have superpowers in other areas. So how could someone be "dis" abled? ... maybe they're just differently abled? That leads me to my next piece...

Who inspires me: 
My world got rocked while attending the Social Care Farming Summit last weekend as a guest speaker. It was humbling to be in this room full of incredible world changers in the farming community. One story in particular caught my attention. Rebecca Sorensen runs a social enterprise called Beautiful Blawesome with her son Raimee, growing and distributing flowers to the local community. Raimee lives with an autism diagnosis. I was struck hearing from Lauren, one of the social care farmers at Blawesome who works side by side with Raimee. Lauren said that while training Raimee, he remembered everything she had taught him from the previous year, adding that it usually takes "normal" people a few years to really master the material. Raimee has superpowers and I'm so glad he's getting to use them to add beauty to the world, instead of being pushed further into the margins like so many other humans like him. I could go on... just go look at their work. You'll be glad you did.

What I'm reading:
A friend of mine let me borrow "BREAD, WINE, CHOCOLATE" by Simran Sethi. I was not prepared for how wonderful and provocative this book would be. It's a nourishing dive into the loss of biodiversity on our planet, all beautifully woven through the narratives of some of our favorite foods and drinks. I won't do it justice here... put it on your reading list and move it near the top. 

What I'm working on: 
I'm having a blast coaching world-changers to have even more impact. I realize that I get way more joy out of helping others live their purpose than I do from just doing projects on my own. So investing in people has the absolute greatest ROI for me. Stay tuned, I'll be showcasing some of my clients' incredible work in the weeks to come. 

The place to be:
If you're anywhere near Durham, North Carolina, make your way over to Zweli's for some incredible Piri Piri chicken and a whole bunch of other authentic central-African cuisine. I'm tempted to make more recommendations of what to order there, but you can pretty much just close your eyes and point to something on the menu and have your mind blown. It's that good. 

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That's all for now! Talk soon :)


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