The Essential Business Planning Framework... for the Busy World-Changer

In just one hour, you'll have a clear and comprehensive business plan by using this powerful framework to align and dramatically elevate your meaningful work.

This course is perfect for you if you:

  • Feel stuck spending most of your time working in your business, but not enough time working on your business
  • Have lots of ideas but no clear strategy on how to move forward sustainably
  • Are feeling frustrated at the lack of traction (and revenue!) and are starting to wonder if it's time to give up on the dream
  • Have a deep sense that you have so much more to offer the world, but you haven't been able to find your stride
  • Feel overwhelmed by the size of your impactful vision and struggle to know exactly what the next steps are
  • Can't seem to connect with your audience in a way that leads to revenue
  • Don't have a clear understanding of your business' cash flow and financial picture
  • Find yourself procrastinating: chronically overthinking and under-doing when it comes to executing on your mission

During the "One-Hour Business Plan" course, we're taking action to move your business from stuck to thriving.

Together, we'll solidify your strategic business plan by:

  • Identifying the real issues your customers are facing and position your business as the no-brainer solution 
  • Developing a clear sense of identity for your business and how it aligns with your life purpose
  • Channeling your ideas into a compelling vision statement so that you know how to connect with customers and funders
  • Organizing the framework around your business' key metrics so that you can actually know when you're winning
  • Uncovering your real target customers and how to actually connect with them consistently and authentically
  • Gaining an understanding of your true cost and revenue structure so that you can plan (instead of guess) when it comes to your business finances

All so that you can grow your business and amplify the impact you're meant to have in the world.

*NOTE: When you sign up for this course, be ready to do. This is not just about gaining more theoretical knowledge.

I've laid out the practical outcomes, but here are some of the intangibles that come along with it (which to me is the real transformation).

You'll leave this course with:

  • The confidence that comes from having a written, working business plan that you can actually understand - and easily explain!
  • Clarity and alignment on exactly why you're doing this meaningful work
  • A compelling vision on how to get from where you are to where you really want to be
  • Additional resources and connections to help you gain real traction on your mission 
  • Relationships with like-hearted entrepreneurs

Nastacia Pereira

Empowrd Collective

"Justin helped me uncover my 'why' and create a clear strategy with actionable steps to begin moving my company forward. This is a tool I use regularly as I grow and scale my company."