UNLEASHED: How to live fully and do something that matters

UNLEASHED: How to live fully and do something that matters

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You were made for so much more. What would it look like for you to be more aligned with your life's purpose? How can you use who you are to make a lasting difference in this world? How would things be different if you were living fully alive?

With this book, you'll join Justin Minott on a journey towards unleashing your full potential. UNLEASHED is packed with vulnerability and profound insights that are sure to help move you closer to the life of your dreams. No more just existing, it's time for you to live fully and do something that matters.

If you enjoy reading the likes of Brené Brown, Bob Goff, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, and Steven Covey, you'll love this one.

Note: UNLEASHED features art from several incredible artists. 

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"I found his work to be brave and honest in a way that challenges me to be the same. His willingness to explore (and share) what most of us seek to hide, causes me to fall in love with this book, and respect his willingness to expose his wounds for a much greater purpose. His relatable struggles has called me to question my daily actions. Am I just going through the motions? Or am I living my life “unleashed?” Love. Love. Love."
~ Sandra P.

If you are ready to unlock your inner, most fearless self, and break down those walls that are preventing your from starting to live FULLY, then this is your book. No "self-help book" vibes here. Thank you, thank you, thank you Justin!
~ Carissa S.

Justin Minott shares his stories that help us know how to live our lives and make a difference in the world. He's doing it through his companies, coaching and personal relationships. This book is not about an academic "This should work". It's not a "5 easy steps for..." either. He helps you examine your life and gives you tools to make the changes you choose to make. It's well worth the read.
~ Trevor L.